90th Anniversary Thoughts│Pastor Rick Beard

Although Barb and I have only been here almost one and one half years, it has been long enough to understand the mission of TNHC, fellowship with the church family, make new friends, but mostly be a part of what God is doing in Tainan and Taiwan. Little by little Tainan Holiness Church has become our home. We still are amazed to be here. We are so thankful for the kindnesses and love shown to us here. God began this church and it is He who will build and bless us. We are thankful this church has stayed faithful to the truth of God’s Word and especially the good news that Jesus Christ died and rose again for sinners. Our personal goal is to work with TNHC in being a part of fulfilling the Great Commission. As an English congregation we do not see ourselves as a separate or independent congregation, but a part of TNHC. We look forward to working together in the months and years ahead until Jesus returns. The promise of Jesus is that He will build His church and the gates of hell will not overcome it (Matthew 16:18). How happy we are to be here!


◤ Pastor Rick Beard ◢